How you can improve your athletic performance​ with cryotherapy.

Improve your Athletic performance with Cryotherapy

Over the years cryotherapy has emerged as the most popular modality for treating acute musculoskeletal injuries. The application of cold for the treatment of injury or diseases is widespread in sports medicine today and is an established method when treating acute soft tissue injuries.

In sports medicine, Cryotherapy has gained wider acceptance as recovery modality from muscle injuries by significantly alleviating inflammation after strenuous exercise by inducing an anti-inflammatory effect.


Intense training, overuse and/or insufficient recovery have been known to cause muscle fatigue, injury, and immune compromise. Therefore, achieving the optimal balance between training and recovery is crucial in maximising performance and avoiding the dreaded “plateau” of any fitness or weight loss program. Which all too often has left many frustrated and unmotivated, as It seems harder and harder to get the energy to lose those last few pounds or crush your strength goals. Cryotherapy can help blow through your plateau to achieve and exceed your health and fitness endeavor.

Pre-Work Out

Cryotherapy has been shown to burn 500-800 calories per session. This is optimal to help prime your body prior to your workout for increased energy, Vitality, Metabolic rate and fat burning. Cryotherapy before your workout, race or game can increase your performance as well as aid in faster recovery.

Post-Work Out

Inflammation is a vital part of the body’s immune response. It is the body’s attempt to heal itself after an injury. Without inflammation, wounds would fester and infections could become deadly. Inflammation can also be problematic.

The problem is that the receptors involved in pain are also present in inflammation; their activation causes the inflammatory reaction. White blood cells swarm the injured area and ingest germs, dead or damaged cells, and other foreign materials to help heal the body, prostaglandins create blood clots to try to heal the damaged tissue and remove them when healing is finished; fluid accompanies the white blood cells, hormones, and nutrients. The fluid diffuses into the area and causes the swelling that can cause increased pressure to nerve endings and pain. They also trigger pain and fever as part of the healing process.

Cryotherapy has been shown to minimize the inflammatory response of acute musculoskeletal injury whilst maximising functional recovery. Cryotherapy combats this response by constricting the blood vessels, thus decreasing inflammation.


Cryotherapy promotes anti-inflammatory properties, which decrease soreness in a post-workout state as well as provide pain relief by constricting the blood vessels.

Cryotherapy also elicits the ‘fight or flight’ response, which not only decreases inflammation but also affects your body’s perception of symptomatic pain.  Using cryotherapy to specifically target certain injuries applied across a variety of medical conditions as an adjunct to physiotherapy treatments or in the case of sports performance allowing quicker recovery from training. This in competitive sports can make a huge difference.

Don’t let pain or inflammation keep you from your favourite sports, biking, running or, or if you are simply finding yourself less active and more irritable due to chronic debilitating pain and inflammation, then Cryotherapy is your answer.