We are a Health & Wellness business that combines localised cryotherapy, massage and holistic heat treatments. Our treatments promote beauty and overall physical health. Our holistic yet modern view of health and wellness help us to enhance our client’s quality of life. Helping them address the effects of ageing, injury, pain and inflammation, skin conditions and inch loss. Our Cryotherapy treatments can help you achieve instant inch loss, solve skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, relieve swollen sports injuries and enable our clients to look & feel healthier.

Our Treatments Include;

Cryo-Medical for Arthritis, Chronic Pain & Sports Injury 

Arthritis and chronic pain management for joint disorders and rheumatoid disease.When people with arthritis get involved in regular cryotherapy treatments, they get an immediate sensation of relief that most medications cannot produce. But it is the long-term pain management benefits that cryotherapy offers that can help people with arthritis to feel less pain and get back to living their lives.

Sports Recovery from injury The methods that some athletes use to recover from injuries or to allow themselves to continue playing at an elite level have been making the news lately. If you’re an athlete that wants to be able to be at your peak performance level safely, then you need the help of cryotherapy for faster recovery from the stress of competitive sports training. Cryotherapy creates sustained results, and it does not have any of the side-effects that some medications and supplements have.

Cryo-Beauty for Anti-Aging Facials and Chronic Skin Conditions 

A Cryo-Facial triggers an increased production of collagen, resulting in smoother, Tighter, more even skin tone, reducing visible signs of aging.
Improves the appearance of scars and fine wrinkles.
Expels toxin deposits, leaving skin radiant with natural nutrients.
Close the pores on the skin and eliminates puffiness.
Skin becomes smoother and more even toned with regained elasticity and improved overall “youthful” feeling.

Cryo-Stimulation for Cellulite and Inch Loss

Go under the ice not the knife this is the coolest way to burn 800 calories whilst hyper-charging your metabolism into burning fat instantly. Blood flow is stimulated and lymphatic circulation improves in the target area, which is extremely beneficial for reducing cellulite, improving skin elasticity and muscle tone.
Overall lymphatic and blood microcirculation will be improved leaving the skin tighter, toned and lifted. Faster fat loss by destroying fat cells with increased metabolism and microcirculation will efficiently eliminate stored toxins